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 Serious Mater here fokes!

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The Best Before

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Serious Mater here fokes! Empty
PostSubject: Serious Mater here fokes!   Serious Mater here fokes! I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 22, 2012 5:44 am

First of, if yu dont know me, ask KingQuanta he will vouch for me i hope!
Secondlly, i have important anounsement to make, their is the BIGEST idiot evar on DN!

Hes name is Garma Sword

Hes like the WORSTE troll ive evar seen! Hes given the word "troll" a bad name! And i allso think that hes given this site a bad name!
If yu dont wana take my word for it! Then just watch him duel a cupple of duels were he actualy talks to their oponents!
Hes such an asswhole that needs to get band!

Ive tried gettin people band before, but all i do is gettin mysself ip band meny times! I get it wrong all the time! It just bothers me that such a bad troll is gettin awey wit a lota bad stuff!

Respond to this mesage if yu actualy seen that pussy duel and see wat an asswhole their are!

Have a guud day!
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Serious Mater here fokes!
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