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 yugioh is geting boring or is it only DN

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PostSubject: yugioh is geting boring or is it only DN   Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:52 pm

well yugioh is getting boring well at least on DN it is. I never get into a good duel its always one sided. I get a good hand he gets a bad hand or hes a noob . or he gets a good hand I draw bad. I draw ok hes a noob or he draws bad. he draws ok I draw bad. mots of the time when people loose they rage quit before the game ends. its never fun. I never get a good duel. one time I was in a duel this guy summoned 3 high priestess and I have a hand full of dead traps and traps that wont help. and I was using harpie. one time I summon draago-SAC the other guy has 3 sabersaurus in hand and 3 of the other normal in hand. most duels are one sided.
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yugioh is geting boring or is it only DN
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